Friday, May 2, 2014


Okay so I just wanted to give y'all a little something before I start all my sightseeing in Rome. For starters I AM PUMPED!!! Like Barcelona is amazing and beautiful, but I am a social studies teacher visiting ROME right now. It honestly does not get any better for me! All the history and stories behind all of the famous buildings, achitecture, fountains, statues, you name it -- I love it! 

All I know is that this weekend is going to be a little taste, and I am going to NEED more! (So start saving up Jeff and Lorinda, we've got a trip to plan!) 

First stop tonight: The Trevi Fountain 😍 I can only imagine how beautiful it is going to be at night under the lights. And don't worry, I already have my coin ready and I think I have thought up the perfect wish! When in Rome, right? (<-That was for you Jesse Roy!) 

Welp, I'll let you know how it goes tonight! I have a 13 hour bus tour to Tuscany tomorrow, so hoooopefully that will be just enough time for me to get out all of my thoughts and feelings about how much I love being in Rome!! 

Also, grandma don't be mad, and I love you buuuut Lasagna in Rome wins... 😁

Later people! 

Ps here is the most perfect picture of wild flowers and ancient ruins that were on the side of the street out where we ate lunch today!